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Company Overview


Company Overview


We are a Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). We specialise in the development of innovative new entities for biotech companies, globally.

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World-Leading Formulation Services

We create robust formulation development strategies tailored to the characteristics of each individual API. We complement the drug discovery process with clearly set-out costs for specific stages, totally transparent from the preclinical stage, formulation, dosage form development and optimisation.

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Live Biotherapeutics Product Delivery

Experienced formulation development and licensed for the clinical manufacture of live biotherapeutics products for digestive, urogenital and pulmonary delivery. We can prepare a strategy to bring your dosage requirement rapidly and effectively to First in Human studies, and beyond.

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Your Drug Development Consultancy

SGS PACE (Product Accelerated Clinically Enabled) is a new unique, streamlined pathway from preclinical to First in Human/Proof of Concept. SGS PACE provides an expert-directed roadmap to clinic through one Program Manager who will work closely with you and always keep your objectives and goals in mind.

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Put Your Project In The Hands of Quay Pharma

Quay Pharma is a contract development manufacturing organisation (CDMO). Since 2002 we have proudly delivered over 250 successful projects and exercised continued improvement whilst remaining true to our core values.

Our use of proven manufacturing technologies provides a low economic risk and fast entry in to first in human trials, and its elevated scale-up to future clinical phases.

We have knowledge and expertise in the formulation and development of a wide range of product formats and dosage forms for modified and targeted release within the body.

We are licensed for the clinical and commercial manufacturing of new chemical entities, biologicals and live biotherareutics in a non-sterile environment.

Our core strength is our people, we invest in the best, only experts with strong scientific backgrounds underpins the service we deliver.